I hear you talk a lot about abundance, how does this play a role in our success, can you tap deeper into this? 

The more we hold onto, the less we can receive. Abundance isn’t an exclusive VIP resort… it’s an ALL INCLUSIVE experience that reveals itself to you based on what you interpret it to be. Meaning, what you perceive your life to be, you will receive the equivalent to just that. So decide to paint the picture from all the angles, not leaving out a beat. From here, you’ll find opportunity doesn’t knock. because it’s all already right here within your reach. 
When you’re living in abundance nothing gets in your way, because you are full of laughter and radiance. When people meet you along your path, they may think you are crazy! Because, how could they fathom an unconditional love so pure if their view of life is driven from outside influences. It can’t be, you see… to operate in love and abundance until you’re SITTING in the Center of your own radiance, until you’re resting in your own bliss. Then, the light shines through you and you become invincible. 
That is pretty deep, you seem to keep a very positive energy with you and how you look at life. Tell me more. 

Once you taste the sovereign self, you become invincible, because every intent-thought-word-action is in pure alignment with your highest truth. Meaning, you can never go wrong. In other words, every choice you make is a complete YES leading you to where you are going, that serves your ultimate completion. This is ‘the path’ to enlightenment and it is only done THROUGH the self. You will become activated with the power to know your truth and act FROM that wholeness, within. This is integration between your heart and soul and is where you are most fulfilled. The glitch in this scenario is if you avoid listening to your gut and instead follow the voice in your head that thinks it knows best. To listen with an open heart, you must be open and receptive to what that means. This is where you must PIVOT on your journey and  take a new path, less traveled, less known. But just because it’s less than what you think you have now, doesn’t mean it isn’t leading you to more of what you truly desire. The path that is certain is the path that is calling you to it. Receiving love and tuning into abundance isn’t only about materializing wants, it’s about becoming so satisfied with the nature of your attraction super powers that everything simply comes to you. There is no need in this space of spaciousness. There is no pain nor suffering. There is only more expansion, more love. This is the harmony that exists within you. It’s all in your ability to open up and letting be what you really are. Only then will life flow through you with ease, just as it’s meant to. 
So what about those who don’t reciprocate in the love and high energy we put out there? 

We often ‘wish’ for those to love us as much as we love them, however that’s not their job. Often, those who cannot open their hearts as wide as we can aren’t meant to love us the same way, but rather show us the way to opening up unconditional love for everything. This explosion of awareness may feel intense. Because the object of our affection isn’t reciprocating back at the level we’re offering. But there’s no need to be sad. Their role is to CRACK YOU OPEN. Your role isn’t to ‘get’ everyone to love you the way you wish they would. Your role is to open up to love and offer it beyond the need of receiving it back; because in your own giving of this pure love, you become that. You become in this experience the receiver of it all. You not only are nourished, but completely free. Manipulative relationships or co-dependent patterns will vanish and just like that… you reveal to yourself how to completely release. This is path of enlightenment.
So how do you get out of the rut of ongoing self sabotaging behaviors or old patterns. 

Like I say in my book, “how to be a business savage.” Expectations are like daggers… Coming at you from your own doing. Because you think from what you know, not from what’s yet to be. Expecting things to turnout a certain way will leave scars. Some deep, some surface, some that you keep picking that get infected… This trail leads you down a quite familiar path, where you “need time” to retreat and heal. Instead, consider what it would feel like if you woke up today with amnesia. If you didn’t know anything about your past, your life situation, or the people who’ve triggered you along the way. What if all you knew was an inkling to feel good… to embrace your powers. To call out for what truly has you inspired, and be an inspiring muse for others who catch a glimpse. For, your worth or value or quality of existence has nothing to do with what made you from yesterday; rather what you make of YOU in the right-now that determines your experience. Lean into you. Forget your story. Forge forward with a new sense of wonder. Curiosity and Intrigue for what’s yet to arise. 
How do you keep the fresh business idea coming and keep dominating the way you do?

You wipe out the competition by being true to yourself. By being you. Then, you open the reigns to receive abundance on all levels, as every wave of your focus is leading you right to where you want to be. You trust every little thought that’s leading it right to you. Your path is open.  Clear. You are free to play. There are no rules to abide by. You are the current leading yourself there by the flow in which you are effortlessly called into. It’s calling you. Can you feel it?
I really do feel it when you explain it this way. So what would be one of your greatest lessons in life? 

The greatest lesson of life… “The reflection of who I am is not dependent on how others see me, but on how I believe myself to be.” If you practice this, a skill that develops confidence, independence and wellbeing… You will master the moment, and find what it means to be successful  in everything you choose to experience.
What tools do you use to stay focused and keep building the way that you do?

I would say that I just bring my sanctuary with me wherever I am. My serenity and security, my power and grounding, my ease and resilience… It all comes with me and  so I know I’ll never be off course, because my center is onboard and FOCUSED on the path that guides me to me. 
What can we leave off on that would help other entrepreneurs build their empire? 

Being an entrepreneur is tough but always remember, when your ‘world as you know it’ comes crumbling down, look for what the path is leading you to! Redirection is often a key  part of moving into a more direct path of momentum, verses staying in the same place expecting different. This is the resilience and depth of an entrepreneur in action.

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